Experience the Power of Design
Design is all around us. From the buildings we work in, to the books we read, design shapes how we perceive, connect, and interact with the world around us. Inspired design offers so much more than a visual experience: It has the power to realign our point of view and make a statement without ever saying a single word.

Introducing Phoebe Nicol X JNAMDAR
Melding the world of sleek, elevated interior design with the timeless craftsmanship and elegance of luxury jewelry, JNAMDAR Jewelry and world-renowned interior designer, Phoebe Nicol have come together to create a piece unlike any other. This union of unparalleled creativity effortlessly reflects Phoebe's signature aesthetic - blending the old with the new, the unexpected with the familiar with JNAMDAR's superior craftsmanship and humanistic approach to jewelry.

A Unique Approach to Jewelry Design
This piece doesn't just exude sophistication; it embodies it, making it the quintessential addition to any collection. Every facet of this piece has been thoughtfully designed to symbolize the patterns and themes that are seen throughout Phoebe's work. The diamonds that enhance both edges of the piece are a nod to Phoebe's meticulous attention to detail, while the gold setting epitomizes her refined and polished

A Collaboration for the Ages
Whether you're a fan of Phoebe's celebrity-followed interiors or a JNAMDAR enthusiast
- this collaboration is an absolute must-have. A testament to the unbridled creativity and innovation that can be achieved when two boundary-pushing energies come together, the latest collaboration between JNAMDAR jewelry and Phoebe Nicol perfectly captures the essence of enduring style and lasting power of brilliant design.

The making of the Rope Gold Cuff